Masteri Center Point will be the rhythmic combination of liberal and delicate architectural formations with the natural and graceful features of the lush green landscape. All this is exquisitely combined with Masterise Homes’ experience in project development.

Masteri Center Point and new design standards

Modernity, luxury, comfort and full of green space are core values ​​that Masteri Center Point is committed to bringing to residents. With experience in developing high-end projects, Masterise Homes applies different design styles for each project, but still ensures the functionality for each tower and for each apartment. Mr. Youssef Akila, Head of Design at Masterise Homes said: “Our design philosophy begins and ends based on the needs of the customer. With the great advantage of human resources, plus matching Working with leading design companies around the world, our products are the result of a well-thought-out design process, an unmatched product on the market. ”

The design nature of Masteri Center Point is the combination of many factors and convergence of many contributions from different fields. Not only paying attention to the aesthetics, functional features of the apartment are also built by architects based on understanding customers. Accordingly, the apartments are designed efficiently, optimizing the contact area of ​​each apartment with nature so that each apartment receives direct sunlight, wind and panoramic views. In addition, the layout of the space in each apartment is also meticulously calculated, flexible and highly connected. For a large family of many generations living together and want to have more living space, Masteri Center Point is flexibly designed with two adjacent apartments that can be put together according to the needs of customers. .

As a real estate developer with sufficient economic, financial potential, experience and vision of international standards, Masterise Homes has combined a team of Directors, Senior Managers from around the world. and leading international partners to create the Masteri Center Point project. In addition, the staff, especially the design department including reputable names in the industry from all over the world, are the “golden key” to the success of Masteri Center Point.

Masteri Center Point – A place where emotions balance emotions

The design of Masteri Center Point does not stop at researching ideas, combining talented partners in the world, but also exploring the needs and lifestyle of customers to meet a standard and classy living space. .

At Masteri Center Point, residents will relax in a modern home, admire the lively scenery of the metropolitan area, bustling shopping avenue, and the largest 36-hectare green park in Southeast Asia. Not only that, from the tower, residents can also see the Dong Nai River and Tac River with a permanent vision, not blocked by the surrounding area which is only low-rise buildings. The project development team believes that every space of the project offers a valuable relaxing experience where emotions are balanced and cherished.

Each space at Masteri Center Point offers a precious relaxing experience where emotions are balanced and cherished.

Masterise Homes has applied international standards in the design of the project through the selection of partners, the choice of design styles and premium materials. The design language is used throughout every detail of the project, from the use of warm colors such as veneers, from choosing very natural stone colors to deep copper. species. All blend together to create a luxurious atmosphere but still extremely elegant and peaceful. In particular, with a high ceiling design, ventilation, making the most of natural light by using a large floor-to-ceiling glass door creates a subtle connection between inside and outside.

Impressive exterior architectural design thanks to the glass door system with a height close to the ceiling, bringing aesthetic beauty and sustainability to the project.

Finally, the developer has brought a vibrant and bustling District 9 with two main subdivisions, Gardenia and Riveria, each with 5 impressive and memorable towers, creating a highlight. for the center of the metropolis. The architectural designs, landscape and internal facilities are all harmoniously combined to create a home: Enhancing the lifestyle, where residents at Masteri Center Point can relax every day and promote. new living values.

Source: cafef.vn