On July 26, 2022, JJLand officially opened the second trading office at The Metropole Thu Thiem – Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc (HCMC). The event marks a new stage in the company’s development plan.

JJLand Khai trương văn phòng mới
Attending the Opening Ceremony were the presence of all JJLand employees as well as a large number of customers and partners of the company. The event was a great success and left many impressions in the hearts of the guests.

After the solemn Opening Ceremony, on the same day, JJLand’s new office at The Metropole Thu Thiem was officially put into operation.

The second trading office of JJLand owns 2 facades at the address: Unit 1.30 – Tower B, The Galleria Residences – The Metropole Thu Thiem, No. 20 Nguyen Thien Thanh Street, Quarter 3, Thu Thiem Ward, City . Thu Duc, City. HCM.

Luxurious design combined with 2 warm tones, JJLand creates a fully-equipped working area, bringing comfort to both employees and customers. JJLand’s design language represents the values ​​that JJLand pursues: expanding thinking; delicate and close to people.

Established in 2018, JJLand has increasingly affirmed its position in creating added values ​​for customers in the field of real estate, based on the mission and core values ​​that the company always aims to. :

Firmly invest: JJLand always puts customers first when becoming a real estate developer, in order to bring quality services and products that match their needs and create added values ​​for customers. peace of mind when investing.

Sustainable development: JJLand focuses on building and developing staff for long-term development. The company also continuously captures trends and analyzes information to have risk management plans adapted to the market. Since then, JJLand always proposes, manages and manages assets at all times for investors and customers.

With those values, JJLand hopes to bring the best services and products to investors and customers in the near future!