On September 25, the MT Eastmark City project officially introduces the Eastmark 1 high-rise subdivision. Attending the event, customers will have the opportunity to receive valuable parts such as a Vespa scooter, Ipad Air, machine air filter, gold PNJ…

The opening event of the Eastmark 1 subdivision attracts investors and people with real housing needs

Previously, during the product launch phase 1, MT Eastmark City recorded an impressive number with 100% of products found owners after only a few hours of launch. Shortly, the Eastmark 1 event with the most beautiful Diva tower (tower D) of the MT Eastmark City project, will officially take place from 8:00 am to 12:00 am on Sunday, September 25, 2022, at Sheraton Hotel (address 88. Dong Khoi, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC).

Sự kiện giới thiệu phân khu Eastmark 1
In the context that Thu Duc real estate prices are increasingly escalating and almost “missing” projects under 45 million / m2, MT Eastmark City with a price of only 39 million / m2 becomes a 1- 0 – 2 opportunity. for both investors and customers with real housing needs. Specifically, this is considered a potential choice to help investors “make big profits” and is the key to opening the door to settling down in the center of Thu Duc city, especially for young families. Therefore, the launch event of the Eastmark 1 subdivision is receiving great attention from anyone interested in the East real estate market.

Not stopping there, when participating in this event, customers also have the opportunity to own valuable gifts with the Lucky Draw program including 01 first prize – Vespa Sprint 125cc worth 80 million, 01-second prize – Ipad Air 5 64GB 5g worth 20 million, 01 third prize – Panasonic air purifier worth 6 million and 33 consolation prizes – 01 PNJ gold coin.

The heat of MT Eastmark City in the East area real estate market

It is no coincidence that the launch event of the Eastmark 1 high-rise subdivision of the MT Eastmark City project this time attracts so many customers. Outstanding as the only project currently in the East Area that keeps the price from only 39 million VND/m2, MT Eastmark City also has many advantages when it is located in a 15ha ecological riverside population with full facilities.

Dự án MT Eastmark City -JJLand
Besides, MT Eastmark City also owns the coordinates of 3 expensive facades at the intersection of key roads Ring 3 – Truong Luu – Lo Lu Extended, it only takes 15-20 minutes to move from MT Eastmark City to the center of Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai. Not only benefiting from a convenient location to connect, the bustling urban rhythm with existing residents, but MT Eastmark City also promises a lot of potentials shortly when the city’s infrastructure. Thu Duc is improving day by day.

In addition, the investor also offers a breakthrough sales policy with financial incentives of up to 1 billion / unit, loan support with a 0% interest rate, and a principal grace period of up to 30 months. Particularly, Diva tower is about to launch in this event on September 25, customers will receive more special offers such as a full set of kitchen equipment including induction cooker, water purifier…, free management for 2 years, free 2 five parking fees with a total gift value of up to 200 million VND/apartment.

Customers do not miss the opportunity to realize their dream of living and investing with MT Eastmark City, please contact JJLand immediately for detailed advice!