According to Article 10 of Vietnamese Land Law in 2013 (45/2013/QH13), land is classified as follows:

Group A: Agricultural Land

  1. Land for annual crops
  2. Land for perennial crops
  3. Production forest land
  4. Protective forest land
  5. Special-use forest land
  6. Land for aquaculture
  7. Salt production land
  8. Other agricultural land, including land used to build greenhouses and other types of houses, for cultivation purposes, including forms of cultivation not directly on land; building stables too breeding cattle and poultry and other animals permitted by law; land for cultivation, husbandry and aquaculture for study and research purposes; land for seedling nurseries, seed and land for flowers and ornamental plants.

Group B: Non-agricultural Land

  1. Residential land
  2. Land for offices
  3. Land for national defense and security
  4. Land for construction of non-business facilities, including land for construction of offices of non-business organizations; land for construction of cultural, social, medical, educational and training establishments, physical training and sports, science and technology, diplomacy and other non-business facilities
  5. Non-agricultural production and business land, comprising land of industrial parks, industrial complexes and export processing zones; commercial and service land; non-agricultural production land; land used for mineral activities; land for manufacturing construction materials, making pottery
  6. Land used for public purposes, including transport land (including airports, airports, inland waterway ports, maritime ports, rail systems, road systems and other transport works); irrigation; land with historical – cultural sites and places of interest; land for community activities, public recreation and entertainment areas; energy construction land; land for post and telecommunications works; market land; landfill, waste treatment and other public works land
  7. Land of religious and belief
  8. Land used for cemeteries, graveyards, funeral parlors and cremation houses
  9. Land of rivers, streams, canals, streams and specialized water surfaces
  10. Other non-agricultural land, including land for building rest houses, tents and camps for laborers in production establishments; land used for construction of warehouses and houses for storing agricultural products, plant protection drugs, fertilizers, machinery and tools in service of agricultural production, and land for construction of other facilities by land users not for business purposes. which is not attached to residential land

Group C: Unused land

 The determination of a land type based on one of the following:

  • Certificate of land use rights
  • Certificate of house ownership and land use right (issued before December 10, 2009)
  • Certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets.
  • Documentation of land use right for cases where a certificate has not been issued yet
  • Decision on land allocation, land lease, permission for change of land use purpose of the competent state authority, for cases in which the certificate has not yet been issued
  • For the case of undocumented provisions, the determination of the type of land shall comply with government regulations