Adjusted the detailed planning of Tan Son Nhat airport

The planning of the location of the car park, the outdoor garage of the Tan Son Nhat passenger terminal will be changed according to the approval of the Ministry of Transport.

Deputy Minister of Transport Le Anh Tuan has just signed a decision approving the adjustment of the detailed planning of Tan Son Nhat International Airport for the period of 2021-2030.

According to the adjustment content, the car parking complex and the multi-storey garage will be integrated with the passenger terminal T3 (to be built soon). The flow of vehicles in and out is planned to suit the expanded land area.

The off-field garage (containing vehicles operating in the flight zone) of the T3 terminal will be converted into a ground equipment storage area; Adjusting the position from east to west at the T3 passenger terminal.

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On an area of ​​1,600 m2 northeast of the airport (adjacent to the wastewater treatment area), the Ministry of Transport allows the research and construction of a weather radar system with Doppler technology.

The wastewater treatment and solid waste collection area, the food processing area will be relocated to the east of the current planned location; Adjust the location of the wastewater treatment station from the west of the T3 passenger terminal to the east of the T3 passenger terminal.

In addition, a 300-square-meter police station will be additionally planned in the car park east of the T2 passenger terminal.

The Ministry of Transport assigns the Aviation Administration to continue to calculate and update the location, size, scope, technology … of the planning’s items, ensuring to meet the needs of use and connection, unification. with technical infrastructure projects in the region.

In May 2020, cytomel 25 mcg the Prime Minister decided to approve the investment policy of Tan Son Nhat T3 Passenger Terminal Construction Project. Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) was assigned as the investor.

The total investment capital of the project is about VND 10,990 billion, equal to the legal capital of ACV, without using the capital from the State budget. Project implementation progress is 37 months from the approval of investment policy. Expected in the third quarter of 2021, T3 station will be started and completed in 2023.

Phuong Dung

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